Sophie Narjoux photography bring personal photography services to the workplace.

We shoot everything from company headshots to group photos to events office stock photos and conferences. We pride ourselves on our service and customer focused attitude.

Whether you are looking to update your resume with a great new shot, change your professional image or get headshots for an entire team, our professional photographers can help.

Why choose Sophie Narjoux photography ?

You professional corporate photo will:

 Increase your brand recognition

 Position you as the ‘expert’ in your field

 Make you stand out from your competitors

 Build trust and rapport with customers

 Make you look more professional and credible

 Increase connections with your target audience

 Tell a story about you and your business

We do profile photos, business portraits and corporate headshots for LinkedIn, annual reports, resumes, websites, corporate catalogues, brochures, business cards, advertising material, articles, newspapers, books, social media, blogs, books, press releases, articles, staff headshots, team photos and more.

In any industry, business or job role your corporate headshot is your ‘online handshake’, your visual brand. Potential customers (or employers) will decide instantly if they like, trust or want to work with you. It is absolutely crucial to get it right, the first time.

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